Salla - Selling the Silence

Salla - Selling the Silence Trailer

Alkuperäinen nimi Salla - Selling the Silence
Lajityyppien Dokumentti
Tuotantovuosi 2011
Ohjaajat Markku Tuurna
Levittäjä Pirkanmaan Elokuvakeskus


Selling the Silence is a creative documentary film. It witnesses the rise and fall of one family of entrepreneurs, the Kuukkanen family from Salla, Lapland, side-by-side with the current changes in the values of our society. In combining private and personal family memories with ongoing changes in the scenery, the documentary asks: How to avoid irreversible changes in the nature when earning your living? Selling the Silence is a journey to the North, past and present. Sometimes the journey can be surprising, sometimes sad, sometimes absurd in a black Finnish way. When the film asks: ”What is the price of the wilderness?”, it is also a question of identity: Who you really are? What is your real nature?