Captain Abu Raed

Captain Abu Raed Trailer

Alkuperäinen nimi كابتن أبو رائد
Lajityyppien Draama
Tuotantovuosi 2007
Ohjaajat Amin Matalqa
Näyttelijät Mohammad Qteshtat, Odai Qedese, Dina Raad-Yaghnam, Ghandi Saber, Nadim Sawalha, Faisal Majali, Nadim Mushahwar, Khuloud Khaled Issa, Hussein Al-Sous, Lina Attel, Rana Sultan, Rami Samara, Khaled Al-Safi, Ali Maher, Ayat Najah Abd Al-Sadeq
Levittäjä Finnkino


Abu Raed is an old airport janitor who has always yearned to travel the world but has never been able to afford it. One day, he finds an old discarded pilot's hat, and discovers a calling: a group of children in his poor neighborhood assume he's an airline captain and beg him to share stories of the world outside of Amman, Jordan. Through imaginary tales, a friendship forms, and Abu Raed is soon faced with the grim realities of the children's home life. Thus he takes it upon himself to make a difference in their lives.